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NetSAP Boston 2009 Executive Board Nominations and Extended Deadline (15th November 2008)

Here are the nominations for the 2009 NetSAP Boston Executive Board. The deadline is extended till 15th November 2009. To declare your candidacy, submit one-page letter of intent to Tushneem Dharmagadda, President, NetSAP Boston & Elections Officer at

Members are encouraged to sign up for open positions or a position of interest (from the non-open ones too). Voting will most likely take place on or before December
13th 2008.

Click here for details on the The letter of intent and Board Member responsibilities.

Position Responsibilities & Duties Avg. Time Commitment
The following positions on the 2009 Executive Board are contested
President Provide leadership, vision and guidance to the team in all areas.Manage the overall flow of activities and events.

Nominees: Kunal Mishra
8-10 hours / week

Vice President Responsible for creating alliance partner relationships, external communications and building the NetSAP-Boston brand. Coordinate all teams (social, professional, community, cultural, membership and sponsorship). Work hand-in-glove with the President in all these activities

Nominees: Chaitali Thakar, Usha Govindarajulu
6-8 hours / week

Treasurer Oversee and manage finance for NetSAP-Boston, including generating periodical reports. Maintains all financial records. Work hand-in-glove with Sponsorship Chair in building the financial status of NetSAP-Boston

Nominees: Swarupa Purandare
4-6 hours / week

Secretary Responsible for, managing internal communications, board meetings and newsletter. Keep an on-going record of all activities and events. Help President and Vice-President coordinate all teams.

Nominees: Gayathri Arumugham
4-6 hours / week

National Liaison Coordinate communication between NetIP-NA and NetSAP-Boston. Attend all meetings and conference calls and represent NetSAP-Boston in the National organization. Work with respective Chairs and develop initiatives at NetSAP-Boston with National significance. This includes membership incentives and sponsorship opportunities.

Nominees: Manoshi Vin
2-4 hours / week

The following positions on
the 2009 Executive Board are finalized by the President & Board of Directors (Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary)
Website Director
Multiple Openings
Maintain, update and develop the NetSAP Boston website; Assist with all web-related NetSAP activities including forums. Requires knowledge of basic HTML and JavaScript. Knowledge of PHP scripting language preferred.

Nominees: Sivashankar Pattamadai
3-5 hours / week

Membership / Marketing Chair
Multiple Openings
Take a proactive role in constantly increasing membership base by devising new strategies; Manage all marketing-related activities for the organization and Alliance partner relationships.

Nominees: Sonia Rai, Sanjay Tamhane
3-5 hours / week

Sponsorship Chair
Multiple Openings
Responsible for securing sponsors for NetSAP-Boston. This key position involves building relationships and securing sponsorships from corporations and other potential local organizations to achieve annual sponsorship goals to support NetSAP-Boston

3-5 hours / week

Social / Networking Events Chairs
Multiple Openings
Develop and manage all social & networking events; Organize all monthly social events;
Organize an additional
4 to 6 networking events per year.

Nominees: Kalyan Bemalkhedkar, Harish Gulati
3-5 hours / week

Professional Development Chairs
Multiple Openings
Develop and manage all professional development events which include panel discussions, speaker series, and mentoring events;
Organize 6 to 8 professional events per year.

Nominees: Sonit Seth
3-5 hours / week


Multiple Openings
Develop and manage all cultural/theatrics events which include Gala events, celebration of festivals, Chai chats and plays;
Organize 3 to 4 cultural events per year.

Nominees: Sivashankar Pattamadai, Rishi Popat
3-5 hours / week

Community Service Events Chair
Multiple Openings
Develop and manage all community service initiatives which include volunteering events, fund-raising initiatives and social entrepreneurship panels;
Organize 3 to 4 community events per year.

Nominees: Saru Mahajan
3-5 hours / week

NetSAP Forum Moderators
Multiple Openings
Moderate and maintiain User-Forum on the NetSAP website.

3-5 hours / week

Please Submit your nominations by Saturday, 15th November 2008 to

Click here for details on the The letter of intent and Board Member responsibilities.

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